LOT’S of FREE Huggies Rewards Codes…Standby!!

I hope you will share!

I have 5 new huggies rewards codes that I will be posting at NOON EST over the next 5 days. Why do I tell you? Well…I want to make it fair for those that like the codes.

Why do I not just post them all now and be done with it?Well because am a blogger and I like hits to my blog so for selfish reasons I want you to come see me every day. No other reason, not to be mean…I like visitors! Starting tomorrow January 30, 2012 I will post the first code and have it auto scheduled at Noon EST. I will then be scheduling the next four days so through Friday of this week codes at noon.

I will have other posts being scheduled too so if it is not the first post you see then scroll down but it will show on the front page for the day it is scheduled.

Now if word press for some reason screws up my auto posting I will apologize in advance but if everything runs smoothly they will post right at noon EST.

I hope people get them that need them!

Have a great day!


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I LUV Sharing!

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