Maintained Weight in Disney World

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Going on vacation can either make or break your healthy lifestyle. You can always Jump back on the band wagon when you get back but it is always twice as hard to do that and I did not want to do this on our trip to Disney World.

I have learned through this entire journey that when it comes to health, you have to plan. You have to plan meals before grocery shopping, eating out, vacation, lunch at work, and it goes on and on.

I knew I needed to do this for our Disney World trip as I know I would be the only one in my family even thinking about it.

This may sound ridiculous as there is a ton of walking at Disney but the food definitely offsets the walking. I was worried I gained weight, but I maintained. I only maintained because I did these things.

1. Bought snacks before at the grocery.

2. We only ate out once a day

3. Drank my Shakeology or Quicky Shake for breakfast (never heard of them, I linked the words so you can see what they are).

Everyone gave me a hard time while we tried to find room for all my nuts, jerky, crackers, and other healthy snacks for the drive down there. I even bought a few loaves of whole grain bread and peanut butter and we packed a sandwich every day. They gave me even a harder time the first day when I put  it all on the hotel bed and divided it out for everyone to carry in the bags. BUT…they did not laugh long when they got hungry and they had good food to eat. I even froze our own water in the hotel fridge and everyone carried 2 bottles for the first part of the day.

Ever tried to buy healthy food in a park? Not totally impossible but 4 times more and not a lot to choose from. The kids even carried their lunch and snacks. I found small toddler sized backpacks on eBay for under $10 with shipping. The 2-year old loved his cars backpack and carried it without any problem.

I still felt bloated after eating the crappy meal and I would have packed enough for two meals but it was just too much to carry.

So I maintained. I could be negative that I did not lose but that would be dumb. I am celebrating the breaking even because there are so many positives. I did NOT gain. I stayed on track and I came home and lost a pound the first week I was home. Priceless!

Also, we got to spend more money of fun things because it was not all going to stupid fast food.

Have a great day!

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  1. Terry says:

    It can be really hard on vacation to stay on any diet. This alkaline diet I am on Is tough, but I am so dedicated that I do okay on it.

    Happy to hear you maintained your weight.

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