Making his dorm room a little less boring

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Guest post written by Allison Sparks

I guess that they don’t really try to make dorm rooms look that great when they’re building them. The purpose is to house students, it’s not like you’re trying to woo buyers like with an apartment or a house. Last time when we moved our oldest son into his dorm room, even after we moved all of his stuff in there it still looked pretty plain and boring. So I told my son who’s going to be a freshman this fall in college, that he should also come up with some stuff to hang up on the walls and make it feel more like home.

We looked around online for some good posters for him to hang up on his walls and while we were doing that about a week ago, we ran across the website After we looked through it a little bit, I decided to switch over our home internet service to it.

He ordered a few movie and video game posters that we’re going to take. But I learned last time to take poster tape instead of regular tape, which my older son got charged for because it ripped paint off the walls. I knew that he would use his brother as dorm room inspiration.

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  1. Tawna says:

    That is hilarious!!!

  2. Last year, the kids in my Granddaughters building had a full size cutout of Justin Beiber. Justin would end up in all kinds of places like the bathroom, their beds…. just anywere they could think of.

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