Making the most out of the tornado warning

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Well lets see, yesterday (Tuesday) we had a tornado warning for awhile and everyone was saying “get in your basement!” I took the kids and the dog and the cats downstairs and there we were for an hour and 15 minutes.  I was down in the play room with no TV but did have a radio.  For the first 20 minutes I listened to AM stations to the weather and then I figured, “I can’t do anything more so might as well make it worth while.”  I turned on some dance music and we went to town and grooved the next 40 minutes or so away to dance tunes.  It was me and my two kids, my 4 year old and my 1 year old. 

I am nasty sweaty and we are back upstairs after the warning.  At least I got a work out out of it and we all had fun.  Making the most out of every situation today!

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  1. Nan says:

    I just come back from vacation.
    Thanks for join my Blog hop last week.
    Don't forget to join my Friday Blog hop today.:-)
    Have a nice day.

  2. Sunny Day says:

    A much better way to pass the time than making your children scared of bad weather. I got so aggravated at my mother because she would wake me from a sound sleep, wrap me in a quilt, and get in the closet at the first sign of bad weather.

  3. Knocked Up and Nursing says:

    Following back from tuesday!
    Better late than never!


  4. LeAnn says:

    I am following you back from Magical Memories

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