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I am sooooo excited…want to know why? I can wear a size medium in some shirts now! It has been so many years sine I could wear a medium and I can’t even tell you for sure when it was. I am not kidding, here is a picture of one of my 3 new shirts I got this past weekend and they are ALL medium!

Sorry it’s blurry but close up is hard to get on my little camera.

At first I was doubting myself, which you know is not healthy. The reason why is that I bought 2 shirts from Old-Navy first that were large, because that is what I have been wearing, and they were really baggy by the end of the day. They were a tad bit baggy at first but I won’t wear tight shirts so I figured they would be OK. It only took about 15 minutes for me to realize that they did not look good, they were just too big.

I went to Old navy the second day and bought 2 mediums and they FIT and do not look bad at all! Yay! I wold exchange the other two but I already washed them so I guess now I have some more hair dye and gardening shirts!
I was still in doubt, because you know me, and was thinking “it has just go to be the material. I then received a large shirt from my Mother-in-law for an early birthday present. We will be gone to Idaho on my birthday so she gave it to me on Saturday. I came home and tried it on (no it is not an Old Navy shirt, from Kohl’s) and low and behold, too BIG!!! Way too big, looks horrible. So I need to change it for a medium today. I am so not upset about this. The shirt is cute but will be cuter in the medium for sure!
It is amazing how much this change in size can boost the self-esteem to like 1000%! I am so excited.
Oh and just more proof why I don’t weigh myself and go by weight. Over the past 2 weeks I have lost ONE pound. A little frustrating but I have gone down in this size L to M in the last 2 weeks so the inches are where it is counting. I have noticed in all my large shirts that they are fitting funny and look more sloppy then they used too. So I may be down only 1 pound but I am looking more tone everyday and healthy and the size of the shirt definitely proves it. I will take some measurements this week before I go on my trip and share them with you.
I have still been dong P90X every day (except the Yoga, I just do whatever workout I want on Yoga day) and Turbo Jam too. If I don’t have time for both full workouts I just to the Turbo Jam Ab Jam. It may seem like a lot but you know, once I get to my goal size then I can contain the weight loss with one workout a day because my overall health is changing!
Peace and love to everyone!
Thanks for coming by!
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If I have inspired you at all to invest in any beachbody products I hope you will visit my website for your purchases or any future purchases. I DO NOT endorse anything that I do not believe in 100% or I won’t use myself.
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4 Responses to MEDIUM BABY!! WHIHOO!

  1. Eschelle says:

    WHOOO HOOOO that is soo awesome I can't even express the joy I have for you!! I know how amazing that feels congrats!!! xoxoxox

  2. Terry says:

    Whoooo,,,,Hoooooo…. Tawna!!!!

    Congratulation!!! A size medium!!!

    That is wonderful!!!

    I am so excited for you Tawna, it is so nice to know your hard work if finally paying off.

  3. Time4Mommy says:

    You go girl!

  4. Summy.B says:

    Congrats on the medium! I know how good it feels 🙂

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