Memory Foam Shoes Review

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For the first week I was still in love with them and then something started to smell and smell real bad. The shoes made my feet stink and they stunk more than any shoe has ever made them stink. I was walking 1-2 miles every other day so I figured I would just febreeze them and wash my feet and see if that helped. NO it did not. Every day for the next while it got increasingly worse and so bad that after a few weeks of wearing them I could smell them when they were still on my feet…Yuck! I finally washed them. The smell kind of went away but it only took about 2-days for it to come back.

I paid about $60 for these shoes so I was not going to give up yet so I put smelly dryer sheets in them at night and even changed my socks twice during the day and nothing helped.

After about 6-weeks I noticed that there was a hole already being formed in the sole. It was not just a little tiny hole but a rather big hole was forming. It would make my foot wet. That’s how I found out I had a hole because I stepped in some water on the sidewalk and felt the wet within a few minutes.

After this I decided I was done. So those shoes literally cost me about $10 a week to own because they went into the trash after the 6th week. They were definitely not worth my money. They were cute and comfortable in the beginning but they ended up being one of the worst shoes I ever bought. Now I am back to regular gym shoes. I went to the Nike outlet and found a pair on clearance for $39 and it has been 3-months and they still look pretty new and are staying together and my feet don’t wreak.. They are not as comfortable as the memory foam but I am not going down that road again. I don’t think it will matter what company you get them from, they all look to be built the same. They don’t last. I won’t buy a pair again.

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