Merging from Blogger to Word Press 101

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I was told by MANY that it would cost me lots of $$$$ to merge my blogger blog to paid word press. I had a fear, pretty early on, that my blog would become deleted due to the horror stories I heard from others who had their blogs deleted for no reasons.

I had my first blog from just about 2 years and my second blog for about 6 months less. I was actually quoted from one company $600-$700 to move both and another company was about half of that.

I was told that the number of posts made a difference. They both told me that it costs more for more posts because of the time it takes to move them etc. I also got many quotes from other companies that were a bit less but all in all the average price was well over $100 per blog to start and about $150 per blog in the end.

I was also told that I HAD to have a paid word press template, the free templates would not do. So that was another $70 per blog, it least.

Well…I merged both my blogs. You know how much it cost me? The cost of a hosting company so about $80 a year AND I can have unlimited domain names. So for that $80 I have 2 blogs and a website and another website in the mix. Oh and I also have ALL of them on free word press templates. I have been able to add AdSense, html, etc. There is NOTHING so far that has made me think I have a need to have a paid template.

Merging my posts. OK I had about 425 posts on one blog and about 250 posts on the other. Guess how long it too me, myself and I to move over my large blog posts of 425? THREE minutes! Oh and it does it all at once. A simple free plugin on word press and BAM it does not matter how many posts you have. My smaller blog took less than 2 minutes AND all my pictures and colored fonts AND comments came through too.

So I have decided to do this. I am posting steps on how to move to word press yourself. I think it is highway robbery that companies charge a small fortune for something that took me about a week to review on YouTube and then 2.5 hours to do on my own once I YouTubed how to do it. It only took me a week on YouTube because I only had about an hour a day to devote to it.

One thing I have learned is that even with a purchased domain from Google, when you transfer the purchased domain to word press, on your own hosting service, the Google rank and page impressions to go down. Did they go down to nothing? No, but it has hindered me some.

My suggestion, and this is my opinion. If you are a new blogger, start on word press…period. If you are on blogger, the longer you wait to move the longer you prolong the inevitable. I pondered it for over 6 months, I should have just jumped in with both feet.

I now own my material, no one can delete it. I even interrogated my hosting service, host monster and have been rest assured by them, and by a few others who use them that they pretty much could care less what you post, so post what you want.

So look in my sidebar at my categories and look for new posts that are in the Merging from Blogger to Word press if you are interested in trying this out yourself. Super easy!

Have a good one!


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3 Responses to Merging from Blogger to Word Press 101

  1. Carla says:

    oh BTW – it looks great!! 😉

    • Tawna says:

      Thanks Carla! I have 5 other posts scheduled to go up. I notice you are on blogspot. You can do it by yourself and it is so worth it!

  2. Carla says:

    Great info! Thanks for letting us all know. I have also been hesitant to switch over to wordpress (I was thinking I didn’t have the time to devote to learn how to do it), but you make it sound easy and simple!! 🙂
    Have a great rest of the week! 🙂

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