More sleep = less fighting…

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So I have got more sleep the past few nights and it has made my days with both my kids a lot easier.

I have a husband that loves to sit, for hours, in front of the TV at night. He thinks that the only way he can relax and that we can spend “quality” time together is in front of the big screen.

The problem is that when the kids both get to bed for the night (around 10) then anything we want to watch goes until midnight or later. By the time we brush our teeth and get ready for bed it is about 1am. My 6 month old sleeps really good from about 10 til about 4-6am. If I go to bed around 10-11 then I feel more rested when he is up at the early hours. When I am staying up with my husband, I feel like crap the next day and have a very short fuse.

So my husband has been out of town for work the last couple days and I have gone to bed between 10:30-11 and have gotten up a couple times to give my son a soothie around 4 and 6am but he sleeps until 7:30. I feel much better and me and my daughter are not fighting near as much.

I guess I need to pick my battles and I would rather not have battles with my 3 ½ year old during the day so I am going to bed by 11. Maybe then my husband may realize that there is more to life then us in front of the TV. I mean, he will sit there anyway, but he is going to have to alone after 11pm.

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