My 4 year olds night terrors…

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My daughter has had night terrors since about 2 ½ years old but they were very spread apart. Lately she has been having them rather frequently. She has been having them every 2-3 weeks. It never fails; she seems to have them on the nights that I go to bed early.
I talked to a friend today and she said that the worst thing you can do is talk to the child while they are having these. My husband and I constantly try to ask her what is wrong and she goes hysterical. I guess I will try anything so maybe just holding her or lying with her may help her calm down more?

Anyone have any suggestions? It is so hard to be dead tired in the middle of the night and not get upset when she does this. I would like to know what works before our second child goes through this faze. Anyone else heard anything that works?

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One Response to My 4 year olds night terrors…

  1. Jaana says:

    I have a four year old boy, though, he doesn't have night terrors often. Only sometimes when he was a bit younger.
    There's no point asking questions from a little child who is already confused in sleep.
    I have said to my son that mommy is there, and repeated that everything is alright. He can hear my voice and even if he doesn't wake up, it calms him down. I also caress him while speaking.

    All the best to you and your brave little daughter,

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