My cat food alternative

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We went out of town for Thanksgiving and on the way home I remembered that we were out of cat food.

When we are gone, no more then four days, I leave enough food and water out, for my cats, to keep them going so I don’t have to bother my family or neighbors to come over and feed them.

I did use all the food to fill out 4 bowls of food, and just plain forgot we were out. It was after 11pm when we got home, and I was NOT going out to buy more food.However we had dog food. The cats won’t touch it usually, as the pieces are real big for them. I got an idea! Smash it up in a bag and see if they will eat it!

I was not sure they would, and if they didn’t they were going to just have to wait til the next day to get food as I was way too tired to leave. So I smashed!

Well…success! They ate it

I was worried but they did eat it and the next day they got their regular food back!

So if you run out of cat food and have some dog food around, just smash it up and feed it to them til you can get more!

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One Response to My cat food alternative

  1. Terry says:

    Well now you know what to do if it ever happens again. My Daughters cat won’t eat anything except her brand of food. Spoiled cat!

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