My daughter’s fear of Band-Aids…

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My 4 year old daughter refuses to let us put band-aids on her when she gets hurt and needs one. She will scream bloody murder if we even talk about it.
She fell tonight while running on the side walk and got a really big raspberry on her left leg. It was nasty and bleeding everywhere. I got her home and my husband and I tried to deal with the hysterical child. She was first of all tired as we went on a walk from 8:00-8:45. It was 2 doors down from our house where she hurt herself. I guess the saying “most accidents happen close to home” is a correct one. I let her out of the stroller to run to her Daddy that happened to get home just before we did.

We finally got her upstairs and sprayed her off in the shower and she screamed the whole time. Once we got her dry I got a non-stick gauze pad and put some Neosporin on it. She was so upset with us and you could have sworn we were beating her to death. We forced the band-aid on her and she finally calmed down after about 45 minutes.

She kept saying “it feels weird take it off as she would cry a little but we made her keep it one. After a good dose of ibuprofen and her wearing herself out from hr tantrum she finally fell asleep.

We have always had this issue with her and band-aids. It is weird to us because it seems that most other kids love them and want them all of the time. It is nice that we don’t go through them so fast but frustrating that she won’t let us use them when she needs them.

Anyone have children that hate band-aids this much? How do you handle it when they need one? Force it on while she throws a fit like we did?

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One Response to My daughter’s fear of Band-Aids…

  1. Terisa says:

    I kind of have to laugh cause Madison is the kid who always had to have bandaids. If her tights had a whole she limped around until we put a bandaid on it. But Logan hates them so I just clean the cut, stop the bleeding with pressure and let the air scab it over. Unless its real big, He tells me he hates to have them taken off.
    So really no advise but perservere.
    Good Luck

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