My Daughter SOOOOOOO embarrassed me! Whew!!!

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OMG I just have to tell you that today my daughter totally embarrassed me! We were at a local shopping center and they have a huge fountain that the kids can play in and it was so nice today I thought it would be a good day to go.

My daughter, who is 5, had a GREAT time. She laughed, she squealed, she got drenched! She had the best time.

We even found the Easter bunny and for the first time in 3 years she was not too scared to get a picture.

Then it happened….our great day turned into DRAMA!

So she has had this little bump for a couple weeks on her knee. I kept checking it and it really just looked like a little pimple so I left it alone. When I took her to the restroom at the shopping center I noticed it was 3 times it’s size and red. It looked very sore. I could also see the teeniest, tiniest speck of dark brown in the center and thought “that’s odd.” So what do I do..well….I took my finger and scraped it off and low and behold I pulled out a 1/4 inch wooden splinter out. Apparently her crawling and playing on our hard wood floor had taken it’s toll on her knee.

You would have thought I was committing murder in that bathroom stall, OMG! She screamed bloody murder at the top of her lungs and I swear that I heard a couple people walk into the bathroom and then immediately out! I could not get her to stop! She whaled and screamed for 45 minutes straight. Out of the restroom, into the car, the whole way home and then some. She has been limping on her leg ever since! Oh the Drama of a 5 year old girl.

I am sure that people were looking at me going “Woman quit beating your kid!” It was horrible. Not even 2 minutes ago my daughter looks at me and says “Mommy, is it done bleeding?” I said “YES!” She says “oh it feels good then!” Me “%$%^&*R$$@##@!”

Oh the drama. It is over, the swelling is gone and no more bumpy splinter. Lesson learned…next time wait til we get home to harm the children!!

Peace everyone!
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4 Responses to My Daughter SOOOOOOO embarrassed me! Whew!!!

  1. Michelle Saunderson says:

    That so sounds like my daughter at that age. All you had to do is say the word "splinter" and she would go into hysterics.

  2. Bethe77 says:

    They do chose the darnest times to break out in bloody crudling screams of embrassment for us. Usually lastsing forever.
    Glad all worked out and ended well.

  3. Nikki P. says:

    Oh the joys of motherhood…lol.

  4. says:

    I'm sorry this made me crack up…the things that we think are nothing and they think are world ending. Glad her knee is feeling better now.

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