My daughter’s1st day of school…Kindergarten!!

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So today was my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten, holy cow, when did this happen?! I was teary eyed all morning long, but when we got to school, there was so much commotion it kept my mind busy, so yay!

How cute is she at her little blue table?

It was so hard to walk away and leave here there, but I knew I HAD to do it. Besides she wanted to stay, only Mommy was the weak one:)

Anyway, we had a great morning, she was so excited. I kept telling her that we needed to have “positive thoughts” about school and then it would go well. She said “Mommy, I want to tell Heavenly Father (what we call the divine power) that I am grateful for starting school.” How awesome are kids?!!Because she is afternoon Kindergarten she will not have to eat lunch at all at school. This makes me happy because that means I won’t have to start packing lunch til next year. I will NOT let her eat government issued school lunch. Sorry but chicken nuggets, fries, and processed crap, uh no way! I am a true blue Jami Oliver fan and I won’t let it happen.

She has grown up eating real healthy and she does love to eat fresh foods so I won’t taint that with the school food.

Since she starts school around noon, she needs to eat before. She loves my Shakeology and literally begs for it, so now I make both of us a shake and we walk to school drinking it. She loves doing videos of herself, she is a performer, so here is our little before school video.

I got pretty darn lucky with this princess, I hope my son eats as well as she does. What a little lady she is turning into.  I know she is happy at school…I just miss her!

I know one day I will count down the days before school starts but today, I wish it were 2:30 already.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!


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  1. How cute Tawana!! She does love making those doesn’t she.

    I don’t remember our desks being so cute. We had wood desks that former students carved up.

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