My kids a mirror image of me/us…..YES!

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It is funny and exciting to see how your kids grown up and the things that they do. We think “aw where did they learn that?” Well…..from us!
I got a couple of cute snapshots this week of my kids and one looks just like his Dad and the other looks just liker her Mom! Can you guess which?

I had to laugh because both were engrossed in the TV when I got the pictures. My daughter was even sitting like I do. She has hot chocolate though,not coffee of course and my son…it took 3 pictures and me standing in front of him for him to even notice I was there. That is his Dad to a “T!”

I don’t complain about this because we have become a pretty active family in the last year so our kids actually sit on the couch a whole lot less then before and most of the time we are running and playing. This is too funny to see little mini me’s.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday, it’s hump day!

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  1. Brooke Douglass says:

    awwww soooo cute!
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