My lab is the best dog in the world!

I hope you will share!

I just have to brag about my awesome black lab today.  She is too cool, I love this dog.  I have always wanted a black lab and when I got one at my Bridal Shower from my cousin, I knew it would be a long great friendship with the dog and the cousin!

Dogs seem to always know and Shadow (my lab) always knows what I need.  She is a Mommas girl big time.  Follows me no-stop, hence the name Shadow.  When I am upset she comes over and lays her head on my lap (I know its her way of giving me a hug).  When I am happy she hops around excited, wagging her tail and makes me even more happy.  She is just too cool. 

Last night it was something so simple but it made my whole day.  I was watching a movie called. Love Happens, and it was a bit sad.  It made me cry a little and my dog came out of my kids room, where she was asleep, almost immediately when the tears started and lay her little (big) head on my lap and sat there for about 10 min.  After the show I went to bed and she followed me in and stood beside my bed until I got the covers on, gave me a  couple kisses and then headed off to her pillow.  Is that not the best dog in the world!  I love her and just had to share this story.

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I LUV Sharing!

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  1. Karyn Climans says:

    Labs are the BEST! We just lost our 12 year old lab one month ago to cancer and we are heartbroken. I wrote a tribute to her:

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