My remote for InterStim, so weird but cool!

I hope you will share!

OK so here is the remote I use to turn my InterStim setting on/off, up/down.  It is so cool that I can monitor this myself!

The little pad on the left is what I place on the skin where the battery pack is implanted.  I then use the buttons on the remote to do what I need to do.  It is a lot more sensitive then the big battery pack I had during stage 1 and I really can’t feel the impulses at all today but I just turned it on last night when the rep called me and talked me through it for the first time.

I have a pacemaker card now and I have all the same restrictions as anyone has who has a heart pacemaker.  The only differences, and a big one, is that it is not on my heart, but on my sacral nerve.  Other differences is that heart pacemaker patients cannot adjust it on their own, that may not be good for obvious reasons.  I have a constant electric current going all the time and pacemakers only activate when you need them.

Everything else, like not being able to have an MRI unless I am in great need and things like that are the same.  If I become pregnant I have to turn it off for the pregnancy.  They will not do studies on pregnant women to find out if it will hurt the baby, I think that it is a good idea they won’t test on innocent babies so I am good with this.  Thank goodness I am done becoming pregnant anyway.

Hopefully it will not take long to get the settings right!  It takes a lot of getting used to but will be worth it.

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2 Responses to My remote for InterStim, so weird but cool!

  1. Autumn says:

    I personally think it is bull that they will not at least test it on pregnant animals. They do not do any testing of medications on pregnant women. They do it on animals and come up with the risks from there. I HAVE to be on medications and it’s a good thing I know what I can be on and what I can’t. I have not slept in a week. I had to turn my interstim off b/c I’m pregnant. Note: this is welcomed but was unplanned due to my medical conditions. I can’t sleep b/c I’m peeing every half hour!!!!!!!

    • Tawna says:

      That sucks! I am lucky to have had my interStim put in after my pregnancies so I feel for you girl. I remember peeing every 2-3 hours before pregnant and then when I was I was up every 30 minutes! sorry you have to be going through it! It least you will be able to turn it back on after but that does not help now, doe it!

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