My son loves lady bugs!

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So the other day I was doing a garage sale and I had my step daughter Meagan come over and help me watch the kids.
I came into the living room and my son was crawling around, smiling and having a great time. He kept chewing on something and neither me nor my step daughter could find what was in his mouth.

I picked him up and put his back to my chest and with my free hand I dug around in his mouth until I found what was in there…..a lady bug, yes you heard me, a lady bug. The lady bug was still alive, crawled up my finger and then flew away.

It was so funny because while we were trying to figure out what was in there, Brahnan was laughing and smiling and making it harder. He would shake his head and chuckle and now we know why. The lady bug must have been tickling his mouth while crawling around in there. It is pretty gross but pretty darn funny. He was upset when we took it out for a couple minutes too.

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  1. Brenda says:

    Just think, this story will told over and over for a good laugh on sad days. But will be great to tell to his first girlfriend.

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