Need to speed this process up…

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I need to increase my weight loss a little faster. I am starting to get to that point of frustration that it is not coming off fast enough. I know that I should not feel this way but I have a big dance concert coming up the end of June that I REALLY want to be thinner for.

I am still going to do this smart and without any artificial help so I just need to step it up to two work outs a day. Keep the Jillian Michael’s early and bring back my total gym later.

I did a measurement this morning and I have lost a ½ inch of my waist this week as well as ¼ off my thigh. This is good and I am not complaining because what I am doing is getting the job done, I just need to increase this numbers a bit more.

UPDATE on 5-17-2010:
My update to this post is on a new posted dated 5-17-2010

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2 Responses to Need to speed this process up…

  1. tawna6988 says:

    You know when I first read this comment I was gearing up to post some dramatic list of statistics etc and then when I looked up the "person" who posted this I found real quick that this name comes up as a drug company for obesity pills. Go figure. This made me want to delete the comment as it is not legit but I decided "NO” I am going to post it anyway.

    This is just one more company trying to prey on our people telling them that they can do it all in a pill instead of by their own hard work which they can be proud of.
    Calorie counting dead…are you kidding me? Back in the 80's they thought this for about a second and thought fat was the only important nutrient to count. They found out real quick that calorie counting was still key.

    Ryle of thumb, more calories in than burned = weight gain and more calories out than in = weight loss.

    This is being proven all over time and time again. Look at my weight loss so far, personal proof. Has this company watched the biggest loser? Do they not see the massive weight loss coming from NO supplements or pills and all it is, is hard work counting calories in and out. Tons of those contestants are keeping the weight off for good too.

    I have used tons of diet pills only to reap the benefits of getting major sicknesses from them and gaining all my weight back and then some after I go off them.
    Hard work and determination is key and the major key…"massive life style/behavior changes." Nothing comes for free or without hard work in this world that is worth it.

    Isn't that what they always say about marriage too. LOL

  2. R. Eductil says:

    I thought calories in calories out was dead? How do you know what a paleo person ate? How do you know how many calories they ate? How do you know how much they ate at different times of the year? How do you know what the genetic components or physical components of what they ate was? How do you know that eating Paleo provides the best life for living today. Why would you assume that a species "adapts" to a diet? That is so far from the use of what is known about the process of evolution that all your other claims of scientific inteprtation should be not only questioned but most likely dismissed.

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