No more co-pays for well visits!

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My friend Michelle calls me every week or so on her way to work and we just so happened to get on a conversation about children’s well visits. I was taking both my kids in today for their well car visit, so I am sure that is how it started.

Anyway…did you know that there are no more co-pays on preventative care? Sweet!!!
I actually called and verified with my insurance company (not the one that is trying to take back my money for surgery, but our new one) and they verified that there are no more co-pays.

So I went into the doctor today and when I checked in the front office clerk said “$40 co-pay please.” I said, “I don’t think so, would you like to verify with my insurance company that this has changed since Jan. 1 2011?” She quickly said “NO, that is OK.”

So my question is….was she hoping I did not know that? Is this something some doctors offices are doing now? Are they seeing how many people actually no about it and charging them if they do not say anything?

My friend Michelle works in a big hospital and that is how she knows it and relayed it to me. There is now way that the front office girl did not know that seeing that is near the end of April and this bill was signed in Sept 2010 and in force since Jan 1st.

Anyway, I am very happy that the co-pay is gone for preventative care! There are still co-pays for ill appointments but that is cool with me since we usually don’t ever have ill appointments!

If you have not heard of this please call your insurance company today and verify so you are not being charged when you are not suppose to be!

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2 Responses to No more co-pays for well visits!

  1. Tiffany says:

    I just discovered this today as well. My children are on a different plan than myself and I got a letter today from the Insurance company stating that there will be a zero copay on well visits. I was like,huh?
    But seeing your post confirms it for me now.

  2. Cher says:

    I have paid too much for a co-pay before and the office has sent me a refund check.

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