Not letting the negative get me down

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This is not the way I typically handle negative things, but I am going to change that real quick. I usually dwell on the negative and my day would usually get worse, but not today.

I have noticed a huge difference, like I posted before, on my attitude. Since I have been trying so hard to let the good in and not the bad I have been happier. Whether I get my “abundance” of material things or not, is trivial as this is a nice feeling to be happier most of the time instead of some of the time. I still have a ways to go but I am getting there. I am yelling at my kids less, not totally gone but less. I am frustrated at my husband less too.

Last night the breaker went out and all our lights and outlets on the top floor are not working. Instead of getting mad I just shoved it off and we used our cell phone lights to get the kids to bed. There are a couple of lights in our room on a different breaker so that was nice.

My daughter wet our king size bed last night for the second time this year. She has been potty trained for 2 years and has only wet it twice.

My son’s allergies were bad last night and I hardly slept as the poor little guy could not breathe.

We have all been up wide awake cleaning beds and noses since 6:30am, we did not get to sleep till 1am and my son was up every 30 minutes in between.

I am actually in a pretty good mood because I am not allowing myself to be mad and upset. I have reminded myself many times how lucky I am to have a family. I am actually finding the positive in that when my kids do not feel well or are stressed out they want me and it is nice. I may be tired but I am tired holding a dear little infant who looks at me with those big blue eyes and a 4 year old that calls me her hero every day. I am lucky to be so tired for these reasons. Bring it on; I am not going to get upset about this!

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