OK so I don’t get the spamming comments…really!

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I want to know what is in it for spammer’s when it comes to blog posts. Do they not get it? Do they really think that I am going to publish their crappy spam comments?

The messages are so stupid too and the English is usually so broken you can’t understand it.

I had word verification on and then I turned it off during a big giveaway and within minutes I had a dozen spammed messages to approve…well not approve.

The comments are so ridiculous that half the time they don’t even make sense anyway.

So I am wondering what the benefit is for these comment spammers? What are they gaining by getting refused and sent to “spam?”

Any thoughts, please chime in!

This a no spam free zone! I don’t spam and I don’t want you too either so back off spammers! Tawna is on the prowl!

I have a hypothesis.
I really think that the only people that spend this much time spamming have no life, no relationships, and no self-esteem at all. They have to be the loneliest and maddest, unhappy people in the world. Who else would go around trying to virus everyone (well besides the anti-virus companies) or spam everyone? You have to be a real low life to do this! Misery loves company right?

Have a good one and a spam free day! Thanks for letting me vent!


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4 thoughts on “OK so I don’t get the spamming comments…really!

  1. I don't get it but someone has to be falling for it if they keep doing it. I must get like 100 nigerian scam mails a day and am puzzled how anyone would respond.

  2. I hate the spam and I turn off my back links… or I hope they are all off.

    I probably get 7 or more a day… mostly more.

    I think that some people let them on because not everyone knows it is spam…. Sometimes their posts make sense, or almost.

  3. The people who spam out sites usually are trying to get back links. For our blog it's ridiculous – Watch this movie here blah blah.

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