Online TV watching getting more difficult

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I am one of those people that does not mind watching a TV show a few days later. I don’t like paying for cable and satellite so I will sign on the next day or two and watch the show on line. Although lately, it has been almost a joke. Until lately you could watch almost any serious the next day. Fox was always ridiculous with the whole 8-days day, but that was the worst. Now the networks are getting really rude and here is what I have noticed for some of them.

  • Fox is now a 30-day wait unless you sign in with your Tv provider service. Free service doesn’t count.
  • Lifetime TV used to be the next day but now it’s about 4 days. I loved drop dead diva and it aired Sunday nights. Halfway through this last season they did not make it available til Thursdays.
  • Some episodes are not even available. I have looked for Two Broke Girls in the past and it is no where except on those stupid web sites that make you sign up for trials.
  • Be sure to stay caught up because more and more stations are only keeping a few episodes on line. You are screwed and have to pay for downloads if you don’t stay caught up.

My theory, and this is my own opinion, as I don’t know for sure. The TV stations must be affiliated with the cable and satellite companies. They must get paid more if people use their service over free service. Of course lifetimetv is not a local channel option but they used to be next day. So what kind of jerk decided to make it so difficult for people to watch TV.

I do NetFlix and really love watching episodes all at once on there. However, it takes sometimes over a year for them to get up-to-date and there are a few shoes that they are 2-years behind. So that sucks.

Just one more thing that makes me mad when it comes to control. Now the cable and satellite companies are going to get more subscribers and to me it is not an honest way, it is a manipulative way. Just one of those things I wanted to share because it makes me angry.



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One Response to Online TV watching getting more difficult

  1. Terry says:

    I don’t like watching the shows online. I sit in front of this computer enough. I remember the days when all we needed was an antenna to catch the shows…. Now…. well, you know exactly what it is like now.

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