Only kids can get away with this!

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My daughter is too funny sometimes. I took her to her friends birthday party in Kentucky and I had her wear her swimsuit under clothing just in case we went outside. I asked her get her pajamas on before we left and gave her her PJ’s. I forgot to give her her underwear and she came out of the room all dressed and ready to go.

I got to doing “my thing” to get ready to leave and was taking a  bunch of stuff out to the car. I had a few boxes to take out to the car as I had made the cake for her rock star birthday.

Do you like it?

It is only my 5th or 6th cake and I am pretty proud of it.

Anyway, on to the funny thing.

I grabbed the last box and my daughter’s underwear fell out of it. I yelled out “Rae, you need to put these on before we leave.” She said Mom, I have some on!” I said “how?” she said “Chandler gave me some!”

My friend and i just looked at each other and burst out laughing. “Really,” I said, were they clean?” Rae said “I think so.” What can you do at this point but just laugh, so we laughed some more and I said to my friend “I am going to assume you don’t want them back?!” We chuckled some more and off we went back home.

Only kids can get away with this…too funny!

Have a good night!


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2 Responses to Only kids can get away with this!

  1. Abbie says:

    Love the cake! You did a great job : )

    Well, mom, you didn’t say it had to be clean underwear!!!! LOL Kids are great!

  2. How funny!!! Kids…. ya gotta love em.

    Tawna… excellent cake. Wow, you out did yourself. You better go into business making cakes. I keep telling you that. One day maybe you’ll listen.

    You must be very artistic to do a cake like that. I am blown away.

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