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My 4 year old has been getting the education on the difference between the male and female anatomy ever since her brother was born. It is funny because it took her a few months before I got the question “what is that on Brahnan Mom?”
My husband and I talked about this before the baby was born because we knew he was a boy and that we would have many toddler questions. However, my husband and I husband do not see eye to eye on how to answer these questions. Some aspects we agree on but not all of them.

My husband asked me what we should tell Rae what the male anatomy is called, I said “uh penis, what else?” He said “I am not comfortable with that can we call it something else?” I said, “NO.”

Why are people so embarrassed to call it what it is? Why should we wait and let other people’s children and the school system educate our children when it comes to everyday life. Even though my husband said he did not agree with it I did tell my daughter that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. This reminds me of the 80’s movie kindergarten cop and it makes me chuckle every time she says it.

I know that this is an ongoing challenge for parents but I really do believe that as parents it is our turn first to educate and the schools and friends should definitely come 2nd or even 3rd or 4th. By the time our kids our old enough to attend school they have already been mis-educated and it is a nightmare to try and undo the mis-education they have received.

We should not be nervous or embarrassed to teach our kids. It has been shown time and time again that those kids that are more educated at home have fewer problems with teen pregnancy, STD’s etc and etc. I am not going to be embarrassed to answer my kid’s question. This only makes children stop asking their parents questions because they know they won’t get an answer or it is hard because the adult gets embarrassed and they rely on their friends. I don’t want them relying on other kids their age.

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