Parents are indispensable…right?

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Even at 39 years old it is hard to grasp that our parents may leave us someday.  We all know it is going to happen but just can’t seem to grasp that concept even as we get older and wiser.

Having a little scare with my Dad lately and I feel like a little girl again.  “Not MY Dad, no way, my Dad is going to live forever and ever, he is indispensable!”  I know the reality but I am not willing to face it head on.

There are many different directions the next few years could take with him and of course I am hoping for the live long and healthy option. 

It is days like today that I sit here wondering if moving so far away was the right decision.  I ask this to myself and then my little 14 month old grabs my leg and gives me a hug, duh yes it was the right choice, I would not have my beautiful family if I hadn’t moved, I just wish it wasn’t so far and expensive to visit home more often.

Heres to some good news in the near future.

Love you Dad!

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3 Responses to Parents are indispensable…right?

  1. Ellie Hirsch-Mommy Masters says:

    Visiting you back from Bloggy Moms and Mommy Masters. Thanks so much for stopping by. I moved away 6 years ago before I started a family. It's definitely hard not having family to lean on with little ones but it makes the visits all the more special. Friends become like family and you just make the best of it.

  2. Buzzin' Balms says:

    following you back from bloggy moms!

    – Buzzin Balms

  3. Amanda says:

    Hi. Thanks for following my blog. I am followeing you back. I know how hard it is to live far from parents. My mom is in Lousisiana and as you know we are on an island in the middle of the Bering Sea. It is hard. HUGS


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