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Pay it forward picToday has been full of emotions. I watched a video about the Sandy Hook shooting and it made me cry. The poor families who lost children…it breaks my heart. It always makes me think of my lovely Angel in Heaven and makes it so much harder to watch other parents grieve too.

Yesterday I received a letter from my daughter’s school. A family lost 3 family members in a house fire and all their belongings. It is just about 1-week til Christmas and a family is trying to learn to live without a Mom, Wife, Brothers’s…good lord it’s is so heartbreaking.

I have decided to try and donate what I can for the survivors and try to round up as many other people to donate as well. With just under $50 in my bank account for the next 12 days I can’t do much financially but I can pay-it-forward this week other ways. This is what my morning has entailed…

Facebook posts to friends to help donate whatever they can.

I have also e-mailed 11 local companies with a very passionate letter in hopes that they will give something to the family to help them start a new home and anew life.

No material belongings will ever help take the pain away of the loss of their loved ones, but trying to start a life with nothing is hard enough. I do have some very awesome friends that have offered things that I will pick up this week. I will buy some things for the girls, like hair stuff etc. Like I said…they lost everything.

I hope that it least 1-2 companies give something. A gift card, merchandise…whatever. This time of year these companies are making millions…if all 11 donated $100 that would give this family a nice start.

So today’s pay-it-forward is very very emotional. I am posting it a few days early in the hopes that maybe the right person will see it and help this family out with me.

Happy Holiday’s everyone. Enjoy your loved ones and hold them tight…you never know when the last time to hug them is.

If you feel like you want to donate please contact me…our local elementary school is hosting a community drive and I can forward you their information. Anything helps…as little as $5 helps or any supplies. Contact me via my contact tab. OR I added a PayPal donate button on the right sidebar and also post on the bottom of this e-mail. Just put in what you want to donate with the message help family 2013 and 100% of the proceeds will be given to the school. I will even generate you a receipt.

I don’t need recognition for this…I just want to help.


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