Politics & Parties, repeat.

I hope you will share!

since you can actually have a Pampered Chef party at your home then this is correct. Online parties are not. So let’s reword that party title to maybe something like “how I want you to give me money and help me get free stuff.”

I love my friends, I do, seriously I do. However, you got to stop thinking that I am made of hundreds of weekly dollars to spend on leggings, jewelry, makeup, cooking supplies, supplements and so on. It has gotten out of hand. I am sorry but there are so many people that have to get paid in these parties that the prices are also ridiculous. I can walk into a retail store and spend less because there are not so many people  representing the product that 9 people in the triangle need to be paid.

Note to #Facebook please make it be that no one can just add you to a group. They can request to add you but the person being added has to actually “approve” it. Thanks in advance for taking that request seriously.

Friends, you are loved, you really are, but PLEASE quit posting politics and parties. It is getting frustrating for us that are seriously just trying to love you and comment on your pet and kids photos. I want to watch your kids grown up on Facebook and congratulate you on all your life event. Some of you live so far away from me that this is the only way I see your family. When you get unfollowed I miss that part and that is sad.

The next party I have will be at my house with drinks and food and I won’t ask you to buy a darn thing I promise. Well I may ask you to bring a side dish…lol!

Have a great day my fabulous readers!


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I LUV Sharing!

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