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MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

It has been a long time since I have posted a positive thought/affirmation. I have not lost it in my life though. I have struggled with it more lately and I know it’s because I have let the rest of my life take over my brain and I have not let it in as much as I should be. I go on a roller coaster of good and bad days. The days I remember to chill and make a point to add the positivity back are the good days. The days I let other aspects of my life take over are the just “OK” or bad days. Today I need to post a positive vibe back into my life and try very hard to keep it up more frequently so my life does not stay at a stand still like it is right now. For anyone that does not believe that we don’t have that much control over our life, thing again…we do. You may want to check out my Mental Journey posts via my categories tab if you want more proof.

My 2013 vision poster

My 2013 vision poster

I have a vision poster hanging in my room and have added an image for you. It is a start but since moving into this house last year I have not spent the time adding my affirmations and other posters etc to the house and it shows. I was doing much better mentally and physically in the other house, even though the house kind of sucked, then I am in our nicer house. I know, for a fact, it’s because I have not let as much good energy into this home as I should.

I am having some relationship issues, harsher feelings all around, and things are just “off.”

So I desperately need to get back into my mental groove. The “halfway” is not working well enough. It’s kind of the same as those people that bitch and moan about feeling awful and sick all the time and you feel bad for them. Then you find out that they don’t treat their body right and then you just don’t feel so bad for them anymore. I am feeling sorry for myself, and upset more then usual, and have been physically sick to boot. Well…it’s really my fault so the sorryness has got to stop…I am tired of it.

So my goal over the next few weeks is to get the house where I need it to be with all my reminders. I need to get mentally 100% back in the game or I am going to suffer more then I am now.

Damn it! I know that the excuse thing gets you nowhere and here I go again…making excuses…STOP! Will keep you updated on my progress!

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