Potatoe Chips vs. Mac-N-Cheese

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I probably make mac-n-cheese in my house about once a month…maybe less actually. I was at a family members house last week and she made my kids mac-n’-cheese and what was said got me thinking.

My kids were told, “no more chips til you eat your macaroni.” This sounds like a valid statement when talking about one child’s meal but when it is about mac-n-cheese, is it really valid? Is mac-n-cheese really a better option then potato chips?I did some research and here is what I found. When you compare mac-n-cheese to baked lays there are pro’s an cons to each. Here are the labels side-by-side. Bake lays on the left and mac-n-cheese on the right.

Now my husband eats a whole box when he eats but my kids do eat about one serving sometimes a serving and a half.

There are more calories, per serving,  in the mac-n-cheese and more fat good and bad. Sodium in the mac-n-cheese and cholesterol are a ton more. more carbs and less dietary fiber and more sugar. However, protein is more in mac-n-cheese but not by a lot.

More vitamins and minerals in the baked lays too.

I have never and will never be a fan of mac-n-cheese. Not that I am saying chips is a healthy meal by any means but I get tired of arguing with certain people that macaroni is a healthy meal.

Now someone may want to argue that when the mac-n-cheese is prepared it has even more good stuff. Well you are right…1/4 of milk and butter…The 1/4 cup of milk has to be divided up if you don’t eat the whole box and have you seen what a 1/4 cup looks like…tiny. How about try a full cup of milk with 15 potato chips? That sounds better to me.

Anyway, now I still dislike the whole macaroni thing for a meal…still not convinced it’s a good meal. It is one of those things that my kids will ask for and I make hardly ever. If they want to grow up and make it themselves on their own time then they can, if they buy it, in their own house.  I think I may compare mac-n-cheese to homemade ice cream or a less preservative ice cream next. Gut feeling says that the ice cream might win…LOL

Oh and why did I choose the baked lays…that is the chip of choice when I purchase chips. Even with the regular lays I still found it to be more nutritionally dense, but baked is so much better then fried.

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One Response to Potatoe Chips vs. Mac-N-Cheese

  1. Terry says:

    I like mac and cheese and I like chips. I don’t eat them… Well once in awhile I will eat a chip but never the mac and cheese.

    Some Mothers feed their kids very unhealthy, I used to feed my Daughter mac and cheese. One day I learned all my habbits were BAD!! To late, the damage was done.

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