Princess Castle Cake

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If you have been following my blog for awhile you already know that I have been teaching myself how to do cakes for the past 2-years. Cakes are a lot of money to fork out on birthdays and other occasions and I knew I could figure it out. They are time consuming, and you have to have lot’s of patience to do them, but if you can grasp those two things then you can definitely make cakes on your own.

My daughter wanted a princess party. I wanted to make a princess cake. Since we surprised her with Disney World for her birthday, the theme was perfect.

I found a castle topper on Amazon Disney Princess Castle Cake Topper and it was under $20 so I ordered it. Love prime shipping because I got it within 2 days!

Now it was time to design my own cake!I have become a homemade fondant professional so I decided to cover the whole cake in a green fondant first. I have not got good at hand free frosting yet. I still have trouble not having cake crumbs come through the frosting without frosting it like 6 times. So I like to fondant first, then frost second. That way if I want to leave some of the fondant showing I can. If you want the link to the fondant recipe I use here it is…Fondant Recipe.

I bought a grass tip for the butter cream frosting and went to town with the fondant for the road. I even bought some sheets Brick Fondant Cake Decorating Impression Mat Plastic Smallthat pressed in cobblestone to the purple fondant on the road.  I actually found a set of 3 sheets that included brick designs too that I have used for buildings on other cakes. That got the most compliments…it looked very cool!

Anyway, when all was said and done the cake turned out beautiful. I am getting faster too. My first cake, with lot’s less took me over 5 hours to decorate. This cake (after it was cooked and frozen) took me just under 2-hours. I was actually done, cleaned and set up, and dressed myself one hour before the party started. This is the first time. Anyway, here is the cake! I hope you like it.

The blue water is fondant as well. I did not knead the color in totally. I left some white streaks to it so it looked more like water. I should have put a duck in the water but that was an after though…oh well. You don’t see the green fondant at all. The green butter cream is what you see. The fondant actually took on the taste of the butter cream so it was very yummy. I also added a bit of vanilla extract into the butter cream so it was even tastier!

The only problem I had is the grass melting so you can see that a bit in the picture. it was warm in the house and I just did not do the grass fast enough. I think I should have put more powdered sugar into my butter cream frosting. lesson learned for next time!

Have a wonderful day.

I would love to see your cakes too if you like to make them!

Check out the rest of my cakes on my cakes category. I am a work in progress!

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  1. Terry says:

    Whoo Hooo… Your cake turned out beautiful. Have you gotten any orders for making cakes. Very nice work.

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