Putting eyeshadow on my wrinkley eyes…AGE SUKCS!

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I know this is not very positive but I have to tell you that putting eyeshadow on eyes that more droopy and wrinkly all the time, sucks! See what happens…
Notice the “empty” spaces of eyeshadow?
Stupid wrinkles. I used to be able to brush it on and it go nice and smooth and now it “bumps” as I try to put it on. If I don’t take my other hand and stretch the eyelid first, then I have to deal with the bumps. Oh the joy of getting old.
OK now the positive, since I am all about the positive these days. It least I have eyes and lids and I can see so I will quit complaining! One day when I am making some money and the kids are grown up there is always eye surgery!
What kinds of things are you noticing as you get older? It is funny how things seem to happen “all of a sudden” Or that we just notice them “all of a sudden!”
Have a great day! I would love to hear from you about your age woe’s! (I am not even sure how to spell that word!
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4 Responses to Putting eyeshadow on my wrinkley eyes…AGE SUKCS!

  1. Jane says:

    I avoid eyeshadow for the same reason, it just looks awful on wrinkles. Will have to look for the products NurseJen recommended, they sound good.

    New follower – found you through the hop. Looking forward to snooping around your blog some more 🙂

  2. tawna6988 says:

    Awesome I am going to try them for sure! Thanks!

  3. Beth@Wiccan Make Some Too says:

    I use Dramatic Firming Cream by Avon. Works great & it is not expensive.

  4. nursejen says:

    I had the same thing start happening once I hit the big 40. Now I use 2 products I got from Sephora and it seems to work. Makes the eyeshadow go on smoother. First you use Erase Paste and dab it on, then work it into all the little wrinkles, letting your body heat kind of melt it in there. Then Stay don't stray. It's like a concealer and a primer. I have some redness on my eyelids too so it works great. You might consider trying them. Last time I was at Sephora, they had trial sizes of both of them for about $8 together

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