Rain Rain Go Away, Flood again another Day!

I hope you will share!

Seriously, it has been raining for week now here in OH. Does this look like our ground needs anymore water!


Our grass around here has been so soaked for weeks, it is just nasty all the time. In fact, there have been a time or two when we went like 2 days without rain and I think,yay I will mow…then…I get the lawn mower out and ready to go and, mud! It just has not had time to dry out!
Yesterday was one of those nice days so my hubby made my daughter a tire swing and she is so excited but it is pouring so hard she can’t go out and play so this is what she has to stare at, out of the window, all day. Poor girl!

Hopefully she will get to enjoy this swing soon! We wish we could afford an entire swing set but can’t so this was the cheapest thing we could think of. I like it though. Now if we can just get a slide some how we will be good!
Have a wonderful day everyone. If you have sun, I am jealous!!
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2 Responses to Rain Rain Go Away, Flood again another Day!

  1. Help! Mama Remote... says:

    Hi thanks for stopping by my blog. Your backyard looks like mine. It just stop storming.

  2. Michelle says:


    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    At this time I am taking an extended break.

    I hope your family gets to enjoy the outside soon.

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