Really getting the hang of spending money I don’t have!

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I have posted a few times now about spending money to receive money and this week it happened again but rather, I got the money BEFORE I had to spend it.  Let me explain….
I ran out of cat food nights ago and had less then $2 in my bank account.  The cat food is anywhere between $5.98-7.98 at the pet store justt around the corner.  I told the universe that night, and out loud, my 4 year old just looked at my funny too, “universe I am buying cat food tomorrow, I need $5 to do that tomorrow.”  I am not kidding, I seriously said that.  I in turn did not worry about it, did not freak out about it and just went on my merry way as I usually do for the rest of the evening, go up in the morning and heard the cats meowing for food.  I went downstairs opened the door up to them and said, “OK kitties, I will eat breakfast, get dressed and we will go buy you cat food so hold tight.”  I got dressed and fed myself and the kids, got the kids dressed and opened the front door and low and behold the mail was here (11am).  I proceeded to get the mail and there was a letter from Pets plus.  “hmm that is strange, I am on my way there.”  I thought to myself.  I opened it up and sure enough was a $5 gift coupon to go towards my next purchase.  My dogs birthday is Christmas day and it was her birthday present.  My lovely black lab bought cat food for her birthday wasn’t that nice?
I am so not kidding, I took a photo to show you that this really happened!

Lesson learned once again that this positive law of attraction works!

So off to the pet store we went.  I should have told the universe one of two things though.  I should have said that I needed $7 or that the store would have the food for $5.98 because when I got there is was $7.98 so I was going over what I had in my bank account a little bit.  I still bought the food and did not fret about it.  I did tell the universe when we left the store “OK universe, thank you for the coupon, now I need to find a few dollars to offset my account today.”  I did not give specifics.

Later that day as I was checking the bank account (us bank) I saw the link “rewards center.”  “Oh ya, I have not checked this in a while.”  I clicked on it a low and behold I had $5 I could move into my checking account.  Awesome right?!”  Anyway I moved the $5 over and then decided to sign up using my husbands ID (they make you do this even though it is the same account because his card number is different) anyway I signed into his and had $5 to move from his too.  They let you move rewards over when you hit $5. BAM!  I have $10 in my bank account, more then enough to offset my bank account and have a little cushion for a gallon of milk or something like that, sweetness!!!

If you have not started doing this yer I would highly suggest talking to the universe and telling it what you need because this is not the first time this has happened, this is like the 3rd time lately.  This is not a fluke, I truly believe that this positive thinking is real and it works!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

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6 Responses to Really getting the hang of spending money I don’t have!

  1. Laurie says:

    This is such a great example of positive energy returning back to you from the universe! 🙂

  2. Laurie says:

    This is such a great story to show that if you put out positive energy into the universe positive will return to you! Happy pets too!!

  3. jennifer @ What Would Jen Do says:

    wow, that was a whole lot of good stuff happening at just the right times! I hope this keeps up.

  4. Mama Storyteller says:

    What a wonderful post! I certainly believe in the power of positive thinking- and your story is a terrific example of believing in the unimaginable 🙂
    Newest follower from Weekend Blog Hop!

  5. tawna6988 says:

    You are exactly right Allessandra. I will eventually get to that but still have too much doubt when I ask for too much and then it does not work, so I still have a long way to go but baby steps!

  6. alessandra says:

    That is awesome, but I think you could ask more than a few dollars, isn't it tiring to live always at the edge?

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