Saving my water damaged phone, anyone try this?

I hope you will share!

Well…I have had this phone since July and apparently you should not cook with your phone on the counter or take a shower with it in the bathroom because this can cause water damage.  of course this makes sense but why did I not think about it….the old phone were not affected by this.

Back in the  day of the first cell phones, before they became little computers, I would do these things with my phone and it would last for over 2-3 years.  Now I guess they are more sensitive.

I started a new job that gives me a discount on my phone service (22%) which is sweet for my monthly bill, however it takes two weeks once you register through AT & T for them to verify everything.  I can get a sweet new phone for $10 but it is $249 without the discount plan that my work gives me, argh!  I can’t wait 2 stinking weeks for a phone.

I was talking with the customer service agent and she said that a friend of hers likes to wash her phone quite  frequently and she turns the phone off and puts it in a bag of rice because rice attracts moisture and the hope is that it will take it out of the phone.

So here is my phone in a bag of rice, cross our fingers it works well enough to last me another 2 weeks.  The little square that is usually white behind the battery turns bright red when there is water damage.  Mine is bright red!  We will see the the button changes color after a few hours or a day in the rice.  I have attached the pic of the phone too and will take one after the trial time so we will know if it works.  She said it may have to be as long as 24 hours so if it does not do it today and will keep it in there all night!

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2 Responses to Saving my water damaged phone, anyone try this?

  1. Teresa says:

    I tell people ALL the time about this lil trick and NO ONE believes it works. I hear them complain they had to go buy a new phone AFTER I told them this trick. All I do is say "oh that sucks but if it were me I would've done the phone in a bag of rice before buying a new phone".

    (Grabbing this button as well)

  2. tawna6988 says:

    Well I had a lot of peole tell me that this saved their phone on my FB page but I am not sure it did mine.

    Apparantely the colored square will never go back white even if it dries out.

    The phone still dropped calls and was a little slow when I was selecting options on it. So I am not sure it worked.

    I did take the battery off and put it in the bad separate from the phone as one person told me.

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