She is only 5 with a mouth of a 15-year-old!

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There is the 5-year-old little princess showing off her first missing tooth. So exciting and she is so happy!

Well little miss princess of 5 is not always the nice little princess you see in the Disney movies. She is more like Little Miss Attitude princess!

Why is it when they get to where they can talk, the attitude comes along with it?

She already knows everything, just ask her.She asks me questions and then argues my answers constantly. She says “Mom I am 5 I know things.” Then turns around and says “Mom I am only a kid, I forget things.” Hmmm, remember or forget, which is it?

This is what she said to  me today.

Me: “ONE Rae, u get to 3 and you lose your sleepover on Friday!”

30 minutes or so LATER and she is standing on the couch AGAIN after weeks of telling her I should not have to remind her of that no standing on the couch rule.

Me: “TWO!”

Her: “You didn’t count 1 Mom!”

Me: “Really…..?!!!!!”

Oh lord I am in trouble!

Have a good one!




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  1. OneMommy says:

    They get their attitudes early now a days! But sometimes they are funny in doing it!

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