Should I really say NO?

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So my son has been a really picky eater lately. Well he was born picky. It is hard not to compare him to my daughter because she came out a great eater. She loves healthy food and even asks for cold water over juices.

My son is a bit, OK a lot harder to get to eat. If I gave him chips, french fries, and crackers, we would have no problems at all, but as you know, we are healthy eaters. So his taste buds are going to need to change or we are going to keep fighting.I have been successful making him Shakeology no bake cookies but I still want him to eat a variety of food. I have even tried getting him hungry enough, to where I think he would eat anything and that is about a 30/70 ration, 30 being the times I get him to eat.

So today…I fed the dog inside the house as it was freezing this morning. My son woke up and I hadn’t noticed that my dog had not finished her food.

I was in the other room when I heard my daughter yelling “gross B___, don’t eat the dog food!” I of course went in the room and took it away and said “no.” Well, he has been eating it ALL morning. He must have hid it all over the house as I swear I have no idea where he keeps getting the pieces from.

My question is, and I know this might gross some out, but…is it really that bad? Seriously! If he is not eating regular food, how bad is the dog food. Not that I am going to dish him some on a plate but if he sneaks it, should I make a big deal of it. Isn’t the dog food better the fries, chips, and crackers.

Yes that is the dog's food in his hand...YUCK!

I know, I know, I am sure a lot of people’s jaws have dropped their jaws to the floor and thinking “OMG.” But to those parents who have been or are in my same predicament, what would you do?

Off to make some more Shakeology cookies so he can have lunch!


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2 Responses to Should I really say NO?

  1. Emma says:

    I can relate ,
    My daughter love’s all food . …. where as my son will only eat pronutro
    We have tried everything to get him to eat a variety of foods, and nothing works.
    Strangely he will eat the cat food if we don’t hide it.

    • Tawna says:

      Glad I am not the only one…it is definitley better ten eating crackers all day long which is what he would eat if I let him!

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