Sidewalk paint

I hope you will share!

I was googling homemade sidewalk chalk a while ago and found a recipe for sidewalk paint! How cool is that?

Anyway, it is super easy so I thought I would share. Just look at all the fund my kids had doing it, then I will post the recipe!








All you need is water and cornstarch and mix equal parts. I mixed in a large bowl first and then poured it into cupcake pans.

Then I added food coloring that I had in my cupbaord for baking.

I mixed it many different ways to come up with new colors however, after about 15 minutes of the kids painting, they all looked the same!

This was so worth it as they had a great time. The paint washed off so easily too!

You can buy foam brushes to paint with or some cheap regular brushes. I went to my local grovery and found a pack of four different sizes of brushes for under $3 so I bought each child a pack.

They had a blast!









Go ahead and try it! Cornstarch is cheap and it’s a mess outside that the rain washes off!



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  2. Hahahhah I use to make this when my daugter was little. Aren’t we great Moms??

    The kids look like they are having a super time.

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