Sneaking more fiber into my sons diet.

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My son has had an eating problem since day one of his life. He will go days without eating.  I know that kids eat when they are hungry but he goes beyond what I think is healthy for him. In fact he goes so long that when he tries to go to the bathroom it takes him days and ends up with a red behind and it hurts.

I have tried everything to get that boy to eat and I have now found this fiber powder that is tasteless and the last few days I have been sneaking it in drinks and food that he will eat.I can get him to eat peanut butter sandwiches on whole grain bread. You may say…:well that is fiber,” and you are right but it is just not enough to get him to go to the bathroom  comfortably. He will also drink a couple cups of milk a day. I have him down to either 1-2% and I have been putting 1 tsp in each cup for the last 2 days.

Sometimes I can get pasta down  him but cheese and milk are his foods he likes to eat. Too much of each will definitely constipate the child.

Today I snuck the powder in his PB sandwich.  He seems to be eating it OK and let’s hope that he eats it all as he needs both the food and the fiber bad!

I have tried cutting up everything very small and hiding it in the potatoes and pasta but he figures it out and says “No want it.”

This is really hard for me as my first born, my daughter, has always been a great eater and a healthy one at that.

If I would let him eat just plain pasta, popcorn, crackers, cheese, milk, and cookies, oh and any candy, then we would never fight.

I hope this stage passes quickly and I really hope this fiber works!

Benefiber Fiber Supplement - 25.6 oz (190 Servings)

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