So tired of Dr. Oz and Hollywood selling us stuff!

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Remember when Dr. Oz first started his show; he would not promote any third party product. I heard him many times say he did not believe in promoting health products for companies. Now over the past year, it least, maybe longer than that, all I get is e-mails, calls, and advertisements everywhere about what Dr. Oz is promoting.

Green coffee bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia and some wrinkle cream. This is just what I have heard about lately, I think there was also some Raspberry tablet a year or two back as well.

I am finding Facebook ads, Google ads, you name it and frankly I am tired of it!

When his show first came out I actually gave him some credit and liked his show. Now all I hear is crap that he is promoting. Isn’t this a 360 turn of what he stands for. Like he is not making enough money on his show and books, he needs to now promote a whole bunch of third party weight loss and wrinkle cream. I decided to click on a Facebook add for the wrinkle cream and it took me to a page that was typical of companies that want to suck you into getting monthly supplies if their product and using celebrities to promote them. Then when I tried to click out of the page it gives me a pop up of…don’t leave yet this cream gives you “immediate” results…blah blah blah.

I have been sucked into these types of deals before and they never work and they cost you a ton after you so called “free trial.” Ya that free trial may cost you only shipping now, but if you don’t unsubscribe from it you get charged a very heft amount for that cream or supplement.

I actually bought into one of these trials, well twice. The second one I didn’t even get my first shipment until after my 30-day free trial was over. So I got charged $88 for my second 30-days before I even got my free trial!

Anyway, so I have lost all respect for Dr. Oz. it is sad that money speaks such high volumes when people promote stuff. I have a hard time ever believing anyone that their product works, if it comes from a celebrity.

I think that people buy into this because they want quick fixes, especially for weight loss. Diet and exercise seem too impossible for some and they turn to a pill or magic potion. I guess as long as people will buy into that celebrities know it all, these people will continue to make millions off the public goooing and gawing over them. Just like the iPhone and iPad. They are so frustrating and there are better smart phones, that are easier to use out there, but because Hollywood uses them in the movies everyone assumes they are the best.

When did we get to the point where we do not think for ourselves anymore? Don’t we teach our children to use their own better judgment and do things the right way? Then why do adults keeping looking for an easy way out and paying through the nose for it?

All right there is my soap box for now.

Have a great day!

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  1. Krista says:

    I agree with you about the endorsement being exceptionally annoying! Its wonderful that this person or that person lost weight on this or that plan but leave me alone! The ads that seem to be EVERYWHERE ūüôĀ

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