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I went to King’s Island yesterday with my husband, daughter, step daughter and another small child. I brought some water caparisons for the kids but forgot to bring a water bottle for myself. I figured I could just drink out of the drinking fountains.
My husband is a soda fanatic and it is his main choice of drink during the day. It does not matter that I constantly “ride” his butt and tell him that the soda water does not hydrate the body; he MUST have “taste” in his beverage. I don’t even buy it at the grocery. I try to make it difficult for him to get.

It is a lot harder to drink out of the drinking fountains than you realize. Waiting in lines and being far away from a fountain makes this job quite difficult and rather non-existent.

My husband went and got a huge 44 or 64oz. refill cup. I am not 100% which one but it is very large. It ended up costing $10 for the cup with a drink in it but the refills are only $2 all season long. Of course this made his day. Anytime I say, “get me water” he says, “I am not spending $ on water it is not worth it, what kind of soda do you want?” This frustrates me to no end because to him maybe water is not worth it but to me the soda is not worth it.

I ended up sharing a couple of these sodas with him in the 7 hours we were there. By the end of the trip (the last 30 minutes) I was so sick. I felt dizzy, tired, and dry heaved a few times. I almost did puke but fought the urge. I was so dehydrated and my body was getting really sick.

We ended up leaving because I was not doing well and I barely made it to the car. We drove down the road to Wendy’s and I got a water when we went through the drive through, and of course he was still sucking on the stupid soda, and it was an immediate change for me upon drinking about 8 ounces of water. I felt a lot better. I was so water deprived that I drank water all night long and felt like I could not get enough. I usually get up 1-2 times a night to go to the bathroom especially if I drink right before bed, but did not get up at all last night.

I will not forget my water bottle again. That was a horrible experience.

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