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Wow this week has been a whirl wind. Anyone hearing about this awful flu going around the Midwest, and probably around the entire US by now? Well both my kids and now the hubby has it. It has been bad. Somehow I have avoided it…yay! I really think a good part of it has to do with me working out again and back on my supplements. Multivitamins, etc supplements, not diet supplements.

Anyway…thank goodness for DVD workouts because if I had to depend solely on the gym I would be doing nothing! I really should not take my son out quite yet so glad I have this stack of over 40 workouts and today is from INSANITY and it’s called Core Cardio Balance.INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program OMG…I will be back shortly, after the workout with a report. This is Insanity so I know it will be brutal. This is not a workout that you should do unless you are already kind of fit, or have just finished another workout regimen. I really am not up to par to do this workout, but I will do what I can and report back in about an hour or so…pray for me!!!! LOL


OK so that workout is about 35 minutes and 20 minutes of it is the intense part. Oh my Insanity gets it’s name rightly for sure. It is rough. I honestly would not recommend anyone to do this who is not already kind of in shape or like I said before, just finished another workout. I honestly find this harder then P90X because there is so much plyometrics and my body does not like plyometrics much:) BUT I can totally see how this workout gives great results because it works your butt off…literally. I would like to finish this whole workout in the entire 60-days one day. Maybe after the 40 workouts…

Shaun T, who is the main guy says something like, “this week is recovery week so this is not that hard, but an effective workout.” Not sure word-for-word, but it was along those lines. I am thinking to myself…”OH MY LORD, you are crazy, this is HARD!”

Anyway, that was today’s workout and I probably did between 1/4-1/3 on the intensity he did in the video. That may not sound like much, but if you have tried or completed Insanity, then you know that is not half bad:)

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!


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