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MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

Even though I have been on a strict workout regimen with my 40-workouts, and going to the gym when I can, I seemed to get slammed with the cold, flu and bronchitis from hell that is gong around. I am just ending week 4 of it. Goop lord this has been a long month. So I have worked out some this month but not nearly as much as I wanted too.

We went on a very long, almost 5,000 mile road trip near the end of May. We got very little sleep and I came down with this crud very early in the trip. I think with being in the car and 

sleeping in different beds, facing a 2-hour time change, eating out every day, just got the best of me. My immune system hit a all time low and I was vulnerable to every little germ out there. We went to Utah, Idaho, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and many stops along the way. We had a good time but my hands touched many strangers germs on hand railings, door knobs, store merchandise and more. I was around more germs then I normally would have been and with a couple bouts of up for 30-hours with now sleep there was not hope for my body to recover and BAM I got sick.

So I am feeling OK today and hoping within the next 3-days I can workout again. This has been a LOOOONNNNNGGG month. I hope you are all doing better then me this month and keeping healthy! On the bright side…I have not gained any weight,  have stayed even. So it least I did not go backwards!

Have a great and healthy day!

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