Super Hero Squad Fondant Cake

I hope you will share!

So it was my friend’s grandsons ante birthday and he wanted a super hero squad cake. You know I have been “dabbling” in the cake decorating for a while and I knew I could pull this off so I offered to make his cake!

It was not really that hard. I use cereal treats for the buildings, and regular white cake with strawberry frosting in-between the layers for the base part of it.

So what do you think?Not too bad for like my 7, 8th or 9th cake. I have lost count, but is has been less then 19!

The cake cost me about #12-$15 to make. This wold have cost a lot more to buy! I even make my own fondant and it is super easy!

Anyway, I am pretty proud of it and wanted to share.

I did find the template for the cake on the web but changed it up a bit. The super hero squad characters were the expensive part. My friend paid like $40 for them…ouch! But it least they can be played with afterwards!

Have a wonderful day!


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I LUV Sharing!

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