Flower Boquet Cake

I know this is my second day in a row for cakes, but here you go anyway!

I wanted to make both my kids birthday cakes. My step-daughter and my oldest daughter are only a week apart in birthdays so we did a family party together as we were heading to Disney World a week later. The friend parties would be when we got back.

I watched DC cupcakes on NetFlix and saw a beautiful bouquet cake they made out of cupcakes. I decided to do two of these, one for each of them. It really wasn’t too hard. Continue reading

Super Hero Squad Fondant Cake

So it was my friend’s grandsons ante birthday and he wanted a super hero squad cake. You know I have been “dabbling” in the cake decorating for a while and I knew I could pull this off so I offered to make his cake!

It was not really that hard. I use cereal treats for the buildings, and regular white cake with strawberry frosting in-between the layers for the base part of it.

So what do you think? Continue reading

My 5th Fondant cake!

My niece graduate on my June 2nd and I made her graduation cake for her. I was pretty excited to do it for her and had this great idea of doing a 3 layer cake. I googled some graduation cakes while I was Idaho and found the one you see below but it did have a third layer, I just did not have time to do it:(I wanted a graduation cap on top, but I started about 90 minutes to late in the AM to get it done. Oh well! I think it turned out pretty good for my 5th cake!

Here it is!

Her school colors were red and black and I really wanted a black hat with a red tassel on top but oh well right?! I think it still turned out pretty good.
It was a chocolate cake with homemade chocolate butter cream in the layers with FRESH strawberries. My niece loves strawberries and chocolate so it was perfect.
I covered a piece of plywood with white fondant and cut out the stars and letters with fondant I had left over. This way it was heavy enough to hold the cake and move the 20 minutes in between houses. I did not make it at her house so I had to deliver it.
Next graduation cake I do will have the hat on top! I had the rice krispie treats to mold it, well the ingredient anyway! Hope my other nieces enjoy the rice krispie treats I left in Idaho!