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WTFriday…I have a China!

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This WTFriday is a funny one: Waking up in the morning is hard but today it was not so difficult. My son usually wakes up around the time my husband leaves to take my daughter to school. This morning he … Continue reading

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For all of U that have kids…U will get it!

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So before I had a family I really could not understand why  people would say “since I had kids, half my brain cells have died…etc!” I would always wonder, “what the heck does that mean?” Well…since I have ad kids … Continue reading

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Should I really say NO?

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So my son has been a really picky eater lately. Well he was born picky. It is hard not to compare him to my daughter because she came out a great eater. She loves healthy food and even asks for … Continue reading

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Finally…I am not the nagging witch! He finally saw it!

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Today was a good day. Well it was a not so good morning but it ended up being good. See…I have been having arguments with my husband over the past 2 years about our daughter’s bedtime. He thinks since she … Continue reading

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Gotta love Kindergarten and LICE!

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I knew it was coming at some point but I don’t think you are ever ready for it! Yes, that’s right, for HEAD LICE! It was like every other morning. I got up with the boy and my daughter woke … Continue reading

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My daughter’s1st day of school…Kindergarten!!

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So today was my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten, holy cow, when did this happen?! I was teary eyed all morning long, but when we got to school, there was so much commotion it kept my mind busy, so yay! … Continue reading

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Sidewalk paint

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I was googling homemade sidewalk chalk a while ago and found a recipe for sidewalk paint! How cool is that? Anyway, it is super easy so I thought I would share. Just look at all the fund my kids had … Continue reading

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Kids like it too!

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My daughter has been begging to try the Shakeology for months and so I decided to let her today. She starts school tomorrow and goes in the afternoon so honestly this will be great for her to drink on the … Continue reading

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Smoking around kids…really?!!

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I know people smoke and that is their right however, there has to be a point where common sense has to be taken into account. I just cringe, and it is everything I can do not to go “off” on … Continue reading

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Where are the parents?!

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Why is it that there are some parents out there that think it is everyone’s responsibility to watch their kids except them?! Seriously…I was at the mall and I saw kids everywhere, and hardly any parents, near them.

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