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MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

Even though I have been on a strict workout regimen with my 40-workouts, and going to the gym when I can, I seemed to get slammed with the cold, flu and bronchitis from hell that is gong around. I am just ending week 4 of it. Goop lord this has been a long month. So I have worked out some this month but not nearly as much as I wanted too.

We went on a very long, almost 5,000 mile road trip near the end of May. We got very little sleep and I came down with this crud very early in the trip. I think with being in the car and  Continue reading

WTFlushot! Take your shot and stick it!

UntitledSo how many of my reader’s have had the flu shot this season? They always say, every year…”the flu is going to be the worst ever, so make sure you and your family gets the flu shot.”

I have been an avid, no shot kind of girl for years. Every time I get the shot, the shot makes me sick for longer then the flu would. Last one about 5-years ago, I was down for 8-days.

Well this flu shot was not up to par for my kids… Continue reading

Why R Men Such Babies?!!

It’s Kindergarten time and we and when I say “we” I say that loosely as I rather mean “I” as Mom! Mom has had to deal with; lice, cold, flu, fevers, pink eye, growing pains, nightmares, teething, etc.

My husband works during the day so, I get it, I will take care of the kids if they get up. It just so happens that all these Kindergarten sicknesses that pass through our house seem to always affect me on the exact day he goes out of town every week. So after I stay up for days with the kids, I get sick, and he is gone.

Well…he got sick the other week and I HATE it when the man in the house is sick! Continue reading