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Oh Ya, it’s working!!!

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So if you missed my post last week about my new way of looking at weight loss around the holidays then you missed it and can read it here! Oh ya…it is working like a charm! This past weekend I … Continue reading

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Can you lose weight by just watching your diet?

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Diet and exercise have been preached about for years… Eat less, eat more, eat carbs, don’t eat carbs, eat protein etc…it has been changed and battled for just about forever. So can you lose weight by simply changing your diet … Continue reading

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Is Bulk Food really worth it?

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Buying in bulk seems to be a good way to save at the grocery…or is it? I ask this because I have had about every bulk food store membership and have really found myself drowning in food bills and even … Continue reading

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It’s NOT an extra EXPENSE…rather a MEAL REPLACMENT!

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I get this statment a lot…”wow Shakeology is too expensive for me.” Well I thought this too and then I did a break down on my grocery bills and here is how Shakeology actually saves me money EVERY month on … Continue reading

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A better “pick me up” then coffee, in the morning or afternoon!

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I have been guilty of the coffee in the afternoon too and I always hated the way I would “crash and burn” after about an hour or so of drinking it. I have found a better option and it’s yummy … Continue reading

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My Daily Health Tip

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So I have decided to run a daily health tip on my health and fitness website and want to share the first one with my readers on here and invite you to come check them out Monday through Friday, every … Continue reading

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