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Clubs in Kindergarten…seriously?!!!

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I had my first child in school this year…Kindergarten. After the first few weeks she cam home and started talking about the clubs the other kids were putting together. The first day or two I just listened and kind of … Continue reading

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Is school for only 90 miutes really worth it?

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My school district does half day Kindergarten. This may sound great but I have to tell you that it is a pain in the $%&! I am actually busier then before, when my daughter did not go anywhere. I thought … Continue reading

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Gotta love Kindergarten and LICE!

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I knew it was coming at some point but I don’t think you are ever ready for it! Yes, that’s right, for HEAD LICE! It was like every other morning. I got up with the boy and my daughter woke … Continue reading

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My daughter’s1st day of school…Kindergarten!!

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So today was my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten, holy cow, when did this happen?! I was teary eyed all morning long, but when we got to school, there was so much commotion it kept my mind busy, so yay! … Continue reading

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