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Just shut-up and listen!

I LUV Sharing!

This post is inspired today by a post from a friend on FB. No, she did not post anything to make me upset or want to vent she simply asked how to respond to someone who just experienced a loss. … Continue reading

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Do they know?

I LUV Sharing!

Did you go to bed mad last night? I did, in fact the last 2 nights I have gone to bed pissed off at my hubs. Did you mean to call someone, you haven’t it a while, and then say … Continue reading

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My heart was just not into it…

I LUV Sharing!

As you have noticed I have not had a blog post in over a week. My heart was just not into it, as it has been somewhere else. It still is a bit, but I am slowly getting out of … Continue reading

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