WordPress help…love help!

I merged myself from blogger to wordpress in 2011 and spent many hours and days on Google and YouTube trying to find out everything I needed to know from hosting services, paid or non-paid themes, plugins that work…and the list goes on. In fact the list still goes on.

If you are looking for wordpress help from some experts you may want to check out the image above and see if they can help you. I am so happy I moved from blogger to wordpress, but it has been a lot of work to do all this research myself. I have another webpage/blog in the mix and am thinking I will use this service next time for all my help.

Have a great day!

Help from fellow Word Press bloggers…which captcha do u use?

Captcha’s argh!!! Which one to use.

I have tried the regular captcha plug-in and I still get over 100 spam messages a day! I don’t allow just anyone to register on my blog, which is frustrating because I want people to be able to register.

I then tried enmask captcha and people quit leaving comments because it was hard to read for one, and it would say “wrong code” tons of times and it would be right, for two!

So tell me fellow WP bloggers, what plugin works best for you to cut down on spam but not frustrate your readers to make comments. Any and all advice is much appreciated!

Transfering RSS from blogger to word press

Transferring my RSS Feeds was one of my biggest worries…ever. I spend DAYS researching it because I did not want to screw it up.

Well after blog hopping and forum hopping I decided that it was time for me to just bite the bullet and do it.

What I learned from others really did not help me at all. YouTube and other blogs wold be really outdated and I would get really frustrated.

This is what I did. Continue reading

Do you need a paid word press theme?

There are a ton of Free and Paid word press themes out there on the Internet. There are free themes you can search right from your word press dash board as well as other sources on the Internet.

I read a lot and talked to some at a blog conference and was told I would need a paid theme. Well…I have not had to have a paid them yet and I really don’t see a “need.”

I read forums that said you had to have a paid theme in order to had AdSense or html on you page. Not true. Continue reading

Moving GFC-Google Friend Connect from blogger to word press

Moving your GFC followers from our blogspot domain to your new purchased word press domain is very easy!

All you have to do is log in to your Google Friend Connect page. If you have a google account, which you do if you are on blogger, then all you have to do is sign in. http://www.google.com/friendconnect/

Then you find your blog on the left sidebar. If you have more then one blog you will see them listed on the sidebar. Click on settings and a screen comes up with your blog URL. Simply make sure that your purchased domain name is in the URL so take the blogspot out.

Then go back into the overview tab of your friend connect account and there is a button on the top that says “add a members gadget.” Pick your colors and size of the GFC widget you want, get the code and copy the code. Continue reading

Creating your Word Press blog before domain transfer

So I bought the btrbb.com and three months later I was ready to transfer my domain over to host monster and with the word press plug-in. I, of course, wanted to create my blog first so I had somewhere to import my blogger posts.

Now if you understand about temporary domains, all the lingo was in my hosting company, then you can do it that way, with a temporary domain. This is how I did it because I am not computer savvy.

Domains are only $10 a year so the initial buy of the .com was not so bad. I decided that the best choice, for me, was to by my domain name in .net or .org or anything that was available. If I was not going to be able to find it with another dot? I was just going to buy any random domain because it only takes a minute to change it. Continue reading

Merging from Blogger to Word Press 101

I was told by MANY that it would cost me lots of $$$$ to merge my blogger blog to paid word press. I had a fear, pretty early on, that my blog would become deleted due to the horror stories I heard from others who had their blogs deleted for no reasons.

I had my first blog from just about 2 years and my second blog for about 6 months less. I was actually quoted from one company $600-$700 to move both and another company was about half of that.

I was told that the number of posts made a difference. They both told me that it costs more for more posts because of the time it takes to move them etc. I also got many quotes from other companies that were a bit less but all in all the average price was well over $100 per blog to start and about $150 per blog in the end.

I was also told that I HAD to have a paid word press template, the free templates would not do. So that was another $70 per blog, it least. Continue reading